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Thursday, July 19, 2012


A taste of the Archipelago

Apart from pain and misery the other affliction facing patients in hospital used to be the food.

You think Styrofoam sandwiches are exclusive to airlines?  Wrong – hospitals were in the business of bland long before the Wright Brothers went aloft.

Times change. Hospitals now serve balanced healthy meals and a mixed menu.  The Vibe CafĂ© in Wellington Hospital has taken this further by preparing theme meals based on international cuisine.

In mid July it was Indonesia’s turn when chef Burhan and sous chef Arifai Enrang, both from Makassar (below left and right), offered a diverse lunch menu. 


It included Sop Jagung Manis (sweet corn soup), Rendang Sapi (beef with sauce, rice and vegetables) Kambing Goreng Kecap Manis (fried lamb with sweet sauce) Opor Ayam (chicken with Indonesian curry and coconut cream) and everyone’s favourite Gado-Gado (mixed vegetables and peanut sauce).

Pisang Goreng (fried banana) was the desert.

Wayang figures on the counter, an Indonesian flag on the wall and  mobile server Bharat Patel dressed in batik (see above) added to the flavour.

Most customers were hospital staff, including doctors concerned with diets, so the meals were tasty and nutritious – stimulating much positive comment and interest in the Archipelago.

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Susianty A Enrang said...

Let's increased the Indonesia's Cuisine.. Especially For Sous Chef Arifai Enrang "Show Your Talent & concern for others with healthy meals".. We are proud to having You... Hehehe