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Wednesday, May 02, 2007



There are really only a couple of ways that an aged Caucasian with a frisky young Indonesian partner can handle critical public opinion.

Either they never go out together, denying both the chance to show off trophies, or they tackle the issue up front with humor and frankness.

Sheldon and Yuyun Archer favor the second approach, as Duncan Graham discovered in Probolinggo, East Java:

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Dylan Thomas

"They'd call me a dirty old man back in my hometown Sheffield," said pensioner and former military pilot Sheldon Archer. "I could never have got married to someone like Yuyun if I was still in England. Here there are no problems."

Or if there are he's not aware of them, for the Javanese tend to be polite to your face if not to your back. But he does know what's going through the minds of other bule (foreigners) who see the mixed-culture couple as they get out and about in the north-coast port where they've become mildly famous.

For Yuyun is 23 and Sheldon is 72. To save you the job of scrabbling for the calculator, that's almost half a century of difference.

"I married a child," said Sheldon. He said he hasn't been wed before, but has had other partners. He also has a daughter in the US; Yuyun has inherited a stepchild two years older than herself.

"This is keeping me young. I've always been associated with beautiful women and this is the best relationship I've ever had.

"Let's face it; every middle-aged man has a fantasy of making it with a young girl – just ask Bill Clinton. Here in Indonesia fantasy can become fact."

At this stage it's important to report that Sheldon's comments were made in front of his wife who handles English well. His hearing was damaged through military service and he's having problems learning Indonesian.

More robust remarks, prefaced by "man-to-man" will not find their way into this family newspaper, but I guarantee they only endorse and underline the above quotes.

And what does Yuyun say about her husband of three years? All the right things a bloke who's not going gentle into that last goodnight loves to hear: "He is so romantic and attentive," she said. "He's a nice man and I love him. Every day he tells me that he's lucky to have me."

The couple says they're having so much fun in and out of the bedroom that they want to share their good fortune. So they've started an Internet dating agency called An Asian Wife. The come-on is direct:

Would you like a wife who never complains, nags or refuses sex? One who devotes her life to making you happy … who will love you as a person and not as a meal ticket?

At one stage they had almost 300 "real, unspoilt Indonesian girls from villages" on their books, but that number has been slimmed down to about 60 who are "serious and available."

For US 20 (Rp 180,000) the lonely suitor can buy a contact for the lass of his choice – then it's up to him to get in touch and follow through. But communication is a big problem.

While the lusty lads in bleak Birmingham (Alabama or West Midlands) can broadband their ethernet billet-doux, the olive-skinned ladies in waiting have no easy access to the Internet. Probolinggo connections can be measured in minibytes.

So it's not surprising not one of these contacts has resulted in marriage. More successful (15 weddings so far) have been the tours Sheldon and Yuyun organize for amorous adventurers with time and cash.

For about US $1,500 (Rp 14 million) the couple will pick up the wife-seeker at Surabaya's airport and escort him to the lady's home. This is usually mum and dad's abode, so kampong reality soon crushes expectations of 24-hour workouts alone in penthouse suites.

If she looks as lovely on the carpet of her cramped lounge as she did on the laptop and the emotional electrons are stimulated, then the rest is up to them.

If not Yuyun will schedule other introductions until Ms Willing meets Mr Right. The price includes hotel or homestay accommodation and romantic trips for up to a fortnight.

The couple said the men they've squired so far have been in their 40s and 50s from the US and UK, usually refugees from a broken marriage, escapees from feminism and enticed by the exotic.

Many have been anxious about traveling to Indonesia fearing terrorists and were "astonished at the differences from their negative expectations".

"Age gaps aren't an issue in Indonesia," said Sheldon. "The people here are really friendly and hospitable. There are bad things about Indonesia, like pollution and lousy service, but the good outweigh.
"I no longer enjoy Britain – it's like a police society. I can't even get a visa for Yuyun so she can meet my relatives and see the country. We don't want to live there.
"Here there are no speed cameras, no parking restrictions, no surveillance, no income tax, no VAT. To open a business you find some premises and go licenses, no fire inspections.
"No political correctness, no lawsuits, no compulsory insurance, no fishing or television licensing. Here I bought a house for US $6000 (Rp 55 million). You couldn't get a garden shed for that in England.
"Western women are disgusting. They are selfish, egotistical and money oriented. If you don't have tons of cash they're just not interested.

"Here I've never met a real bitch. Indonesian women list being faithful at the top of their requirements in a man. There's a bit of hero worship. They like white skin."

And credit cards of whatever hue? Aren't many bule chasers just gold-diggers?

"Some are – though I can think of only two in this category that we've had on our books. Women in Thailand and the Philippines want a foreign husband so they can flee the country – then kick him out. Indonesian women aren't like that – they prefer to stay near their families."

A local proverb says when a woman marries a foreigner she just gets the guy – but he gets her and her family.

"That can be true. Yuyun moved her parents into our house after we got married without my knowledge. I don't mind. There are many family obligations in this culture."

How did you meet Yuyun?

"An Indonesian friend I knew overseas brought me here and introduced me to many families. He said I'd never want to leave – he was right! I was accosted by so many women I was in heaven. They treated me like Beckham! They are so sensual.

"Yuyun is never unhappy, never miserable. She's so bubbly and easy to get on with. How could I not love her? It never entered my mind that we'd get married – but Indonesian women make decisions fast about their future."

(Yuyun: "I only agreed when I knew he was serious and when he kept his promises.")

"Indonesian women don't talk openly about sex and it was hands off before marriage. But when they love there are no half measures. Westerners think they are subdued. Not so. Yuyun is a real sexpot. It's me that has to plead a headache some nights to get a rest."

What cultural hurdles have you hit? "Not many. We both share the same sense of humor. I don't mind Indonesian food. I want lots of air in the house and she doesn't. (When The SundayPost visited the fans were on in most rooms and the front door open.) Some men have problems because of the lack of alcohol here. No issue for me - I don't drink."

Religion? "I had to become a Muslim to marry. I just mumbled a few words I didn't understand. I'm not religious and Yuyun isn't serious about religion."

What happens to Yuyun when you die? "I hope that by then she'll be able to inherit my pension. I've had a heart by-pass, but I'm pretty fit. My parents lived into their 90s.

"The house and car are in her name. We're starting a business for her buying and selling cattle. She'd love kids but first I have to be sure that her future is secure."

(Srikandi is a non-profit organization in Indonesia for local women who are married – or were married – to foreigners. See


There's no shortage of famous couples with significant age differences. Unsurprisingly it's usually older man – younger woman, though film star Joan Collins settled for a toyboy 32 years her junior.

Currently Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills (25 years) are getting the headlines as they divorce. They've eclipsed Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas who also have a quarter-century gap.

In business media tycoon Rupert Murdoch's third wife Wendi Deng is 38 years his junior. The press baron has proved his potency by fathering two children with the former Deng Wen Di

The most famous has to be the megabust Anna Nicole Smith and megabucks J Howard Marshall II. Both are now most certainly distant, but before they died they were 63 years apart.

(First published in the Sunday Post 29 April 07)


IDavis said...

Gosh! it's hard to discribe on how I felt when I read this article. I honestly was shocked enough at the time when a friend of mine sending me the link to go to their website ( I felt angry, I felt ashamed, I felt an Indonesian woman who's married to an American husband and I don't feel at all the same as the kind of Indonesian women that Sheldon and Yuyun described on their website.

"I could never have got married to
someone like Yuyun if I was still in
England. Here there are no problems."

Sure that has nothing to do with the fact that Yuyun is an Indonesian woman! Yuyun is Yuyun...has nothing to do with Indonesian woman generaly. So, don't even think about making assumsion that Indonesian woman are easy to get for Caucasian. Fat chance!! I bet if I saw an old man lookng at me in the romantic way...I would say: "Sir.., how old is your grand child?"

"Let's face it; every middle-aged man
has a fantasy of making it with a young
girl -- just ask Bill Clinton. Here in
Indonesia fantasy can become fact."

The different between Bill Clinton and you is that Bill Clinton pick a woman who's highly educated and that kinda woman wouldn't be easy to get by an old fart who's not even close to the word "Sophisticated" and NOT EVERY Indonesian woman would give you the same treatmen like "that one". So don't say that in Indonesia that fantasy can became really depends on who's you're dealing with!

"Would you like a wife who never
complains, nags or refuses sex? One who
devotes her life to making you happy ...
who will love you as a person and not as
a meal ticket?"

Ha..ha..that's funny! We are Indonesian woman are not at all SLAVES! We speak our mind up! We won't have sex unless if we want to! when man treat us right, we'll treat them right too, but when a man treat us bad...hey, get a brain! We're human too, you know. Be real!

"Age gaps aren't an issue in Indonesia,"
said Sheldon. "The people here are
really friendly...

Don't take it for granted please...Indonesian people are people like American, british, Australian...we are all just PEOPLE!! and is there's an issue in British or's an Issue in Indonesia too!

"I had to become a Muslim to marry. I
just mumbled a few words I didn't
understand. I'm not religious and Yuyun
isn't serious about religion."

Shame on YOU!

"The house and car are in her name.
We're starting a business for her buying
and selling cattle. She'd love kids but
first I have to be sure that her future
is secure."

Yeah....Indonesian woman NEVER thought about any material things! it's easy to say since they live in Indonesia...everything considers cheaper than the western country. Imagine if you live in your country...Indonesian woman would still want everything to be legit on paper. The different is just between IDR and $ or Euro...

Just to give you a bigger picture of INDONESIAN WOMAN: We are human too, and as I am married to an American husband (who's not more than 9 yrs older than me, thank GOD!), I don't do dishes unless I want to, I bought my own car with my own money from working on my career and bust my as* off every single day, we bougth our first home together and I also PAY the mortgage, I don't have sex unless if I want to, I don't say YES unless if I REALLY agree, and before I moved to the United State I had a career and both of me and my husband (was my fiance back then) agree that marriage is a serious thing that both man and woman have to be equal and reach the same goal in life together....
So stop saying things like Indonesian woman wouldn't care about money, age or whatever!! I am sure only stupid woman who wouldn't think about their future (including money) on marrying some stranger and never even know about their real life in their home country....a more sophisticated woman wouldn't do that in a snap, and those kinda women...are NOT only in Indonesia!

jimc said...

I wonder what will happen to a Young Kampong Girl on a cold dark night in Sheffield or any other place in a foreign land for that matter when she is thrown out into the street ( or worse ) when Archer’s promise of “A Wife that never complains , nags , or refuses sex “ doesn’t eventuate ?
If it all goes wrong are these young, often poorly educated, girls guaranteed a return air fare home? The risk of exploitation and misery is too great for any thinking, moral person to want to turn this into a Commercial enterprise.
The SUPPORT STATEMENT on their website says it all.
“Our organisation is totally dedicated to the satisfaction of our Clients” and goes on to say “Any possible problems brought to our attention will immediately resolved to the full satisfaction of our Clients”. Client being the man with the money, Goods being the Girl. The Archers would be better devoting more of their time to buying and selling cattle.

Unknown said...

Well.... yes I was actually speechless when Istriku showed me this blog and the website, it took a few minutes to get over the shock. You sir (and I use the term sir loosely) should be the posterboy for sexual predators and manipulators the world over. I am married to an Indonesian woman and we met the way most normal people do introduced through mutual friends and dated for over a year, before we met neither of us was looking for a relationship it was just fate.

Just as idavis stated the majority of Indonesian women are proud, independant and would never stoop so low as this. But as everywhere in the world the ayam flock to the lure of promises of a better life and if you are wondering yes I put Yuyun in that category albeit through her own naivety.

You not only have disgraced yourself but also Yuyun, her family, and her faith. Don't be surprised when in the future she does not want to be seen in public with you or her family always makes excuses not to visit. The only way she will live now is to hope for an early demise for you or if she is smart "help" you along.

Let me tell you now, you and your deviant clients are not representatives of the typical bule, ecspecially American bule we love our wives treat them with respect and value their opinions. Istriku tidak adalah milik saya tetapi mitra saya, sahabat saya, yang setara & yang akan selalu saya cintai.

Unknown said...

First of all, i was shocked at the bluntness of the choice
of words, used to advertise it.

Don't we have enough girls (not only in Indonesia but most
of the 3rd world countries) who have been exploited enough and yet call it
a good life because their simple understanding of life which normally starts
with 'as long as the mister gives me money I am happy' attitude cannot
comprehend between being treated as a human being or a piece of meat.

Just like everywhere else in the world, including US, UK, or
where ever in the advance countries where these girls might not be
treated nicely by the men in their lives (starting with their fathers, grandfathers,
uncles, brothers, boyfriends, husbands and etc..). Will this way

of advertising them as a brides, save them from opportunist out there who cannot get away with things in their own country but can do so in others?

It is known that our law enforcement have locked up some supposedly
good Samaritans trying to help out kids via "social work" and also people who
have come here to work under legal or illegal means and have become horrific monsters and beasts. Never mind those who have come and will still be coming with
one purpose in their mind with an advert such as yours advertising the women as willing and eager to please, sort of attitude.

When you take a simple country girl from the village who knows nothing but her simple life and you expose her to the so called "rich and lavish" means of a foreigner, you are exploiting her and making her sell her soul for your satisfaction and selfish goals.

Your intention, being a positive person as I am, is very
noble, to help these girls have a better life and being able to help their
family when they can. But also, being as open minded and not blind as I am and
also you are, there are many burdens to overcome with, and that is not only
that the language burden be the biggest frustration in most relationships, even
people from the same country sometimes don't get it when partner talks, never mind
partner who doesn't speak the language. And this is possible that the girls will be brought to the men homeland.

Also a lacking of knowledge about the countries out there
where the men come, the attitude of the people there, or just let me simplify
by saying "the normal life out there which is not the same as here in Indonesia"
will make it a night mare for these girls who probably don't speak the language
there. These girls are not stupid but they are Law blind, for humanity sake,
they don't even know the law in their own country never mind others. How can
they defend themselves should, God forbid, if these men do them wrong?

Sir and Madam (i use that very loosely), I beg of you to understand and realize that you
are not trading cattle or meat here, they are human being too, like your
daughter and your granddaughter, only they are luckier to have better education
and better chance out there being foreigner, and not 3rd world
country citizen, but we are the same, human being.

Djogya after the Quakes said...

Well.I just watching Empat Mata, the local TV reality show which invite Sheldon and Yuyun as their news resource.I was shock how could Empat Mata let them joint with that programme and made a kinda campaign about their dating service.
What Duncan wrote in Jakarta Post probably only a matter as an article which contain human interest.but still its very confusing that Empat Mata still give them oppurtunity to explain about an-asian wife as a good dating service for indonesian woman who wanna marry caucation guys.I mean..cmmon..just go to their website..its mostly look a like a online h****r bussines. Using the word/term like PURCHASE on his website, sheldon seem really thinks that Indonesian woman only worthy as a trade object.
Speaking about their marriage, its seem that people like them only give legitimate/prejudice that marriages between caucasian and Indonesians a bad reputation, fake marriage, base on money oriented only.
Personally, I never believe that they are happy couple like what they always tried to show.Yuyun even couldnt speak english well.Shame on you, guys.But thanks to Graham for show to us about this pathetic reality.

Anonymous said...

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Norman said...

I happen to know Sheldon very well from over here in England and if you knew what a thoroughly decent chap he was (and a damned good pilot) then many of you here saying, shall we say “less than supportive” things, would certainly shut up.

Sheldon has a real passion for life and a drive that many men half his age would kill for. I am a good few years younger than Sheldon and I as a fit man I don’t have a fraction of his drive, his intellect and his understanding of the modern world - A true Gentleman.

Sheldon and Yuyun have a great relationship and what can be taken in their article as a blasé attitude or rather direct answers about sex, are merely a result of Sheldon’s faultless honesty, he is nobodies fool.

We all have one life each and what we do with it is no one elses business. Yuyun has a great mind and isn’t the sort of woman to be lead along like a puppet.

Ask either of them, but especially Sheldon, a question and you get a good, honest, straight between the eyes British answer.

Had I, as a gentleman, been interviewing Shell and Yuyun (or indeed any couple) I wouldn’t dream of asking sexual questions, as I don’t entertain a strange fascination and neither should you readers either - you must do to have your opinions.

For example Maureen (a woman’s name yet you say you married a woman?) - Neutrino V is a sub atomic particle – what’s your opinion?


It’s easy to be nasty Maureen, so very easy and many racist pigs over here will have said behind your back, that YOU are a whore with no self respect for marrying an Indonesian man, now how unfair and nasty is that?

But at least they don’t type it out on the web…like a bitch.

Congratulations on the interview Shelly, regards to Yuyun.

The rest of you reading, you would kill to be as happy as these 2 are…Yuyun is stunning.

Hope we meet again sometime - Norm.

Asian Wife said...

OK you idiots, my name is Sheldon Archer and I am going to say a few words to put you all straight. First of all I would like to thank my friend Norman for pointing me to this blog and for his kind words. You see, unlike you morons, Norman happens to know me personally.
Now, let’s start with IDavis. She complains about my statements:
"I could never have got married to someone like Yuyun if I was still in
England. Here there are no problems." The fact is that Yuyun is a very caring, selfless person who puts my happiness before hers. She is not materialistic. She wakes up with a smile which stays with her all day. During the four years that we have been married, she has never been angry or moody. We never, ever fight or shout at each other. She is always affectionate and responsive. Etc etc. In England? Not on your life!
IDavis goes on to complain that Indonesian women are not particularly attracted to Caucasians. As we say in the UK, “What a load of cobblers!” Every few days, we get requests from Indonesian girls asking SPECIFICALLY to be introduced to Caucasians.
Next, what the hell has education to do with love? So it’s Ok to marry a young girl if she is educated but if she happens to come from a poor family and could not afford to complete university, it is “shocking.”…horse manure! As a matter of fact, Yuyun is well educated and extremely intelligent. In one year she learned to ride the motorbike and drive the car (like Fangio) as well as to speak English like a native. She runs the web page including taking all the photos, writing the HTML programming code and uploading files to the server. By the way, “This old fart” was educated at Worksop College, one of the top British private schools and has a university degree in electrical engineering. He also was a professional pilot for 30 years.
Next IDavis disapproves of my comment that Yuyun never refuses sex like SHE does (again obviously Westernized…Not tonight Dear, I have a headache, maybe) She then states that she let’s HER husband have sex only when he treats her right…Typical Western attitude….use sex as a weapon! And you know something? There are thousands of men, including myself who have no desire to marry a business woman like you and live with a woman who wants to be treated like a man…UGH!
She then makes the ridiculous statement that Indonesian women are like Americans, British and Australians. Hahaha! If that were so, we would have no clients. SHE obviously is! Maybe in Westernized, Jakarta, where we avoid listing the girls. We get hundreds of emails from Western men stating that they are totally sick of Western women and want somebody different.
In my opinion Yuyun is the greatest, yet I know many of her friends who are extremely similar in personality and who would treat their husband exactly the same way. As for being asked about my grandchildren, even after four years in Indonesia, I still get hit on by very young ladies who express disappointment that I am married. If
Indonesian men are SO desirable, why did YOU marry a Bule?... The money? What utter hypocrisy! You are obviously totally Westernized, the type of woman that OUR clients are trying to escape from! In spite of my age, many of Yuyun’s friends tell her that they wish they had a nice, caring, husband like me.
Then she accuses Yuyun of being materialistic, because the house and car are in her name. She never ASKED for anything. She would have been more than happy to have lived with me in the village where I met her. You will be “shocked” to hear that the bank account is in her name also! I don’t GIVE her money like an Indonesian husband. She TAKES it from the ATM whenever she needs it. This is known as trust!

Now on to jimc. He/she was asking what happens if some young Kampong girl is taken to Sheffield UK and is thrown out by her husband. I will tell him exactly. First of all, she would visit the free citizen’s advice bureau. They would explain her legal rights as in the UK, a husband is responsible to support his wife whether they are living together or not or he will end up in court. They would then tell her where she could go to receive free government lodging and free financial support. They would help her contact her family in Indonesia. If she is sick or injured she will receive free medical attention. Does that answer your question?
Before any foreigner can marry an Indonesian, they have to obtain from their respective consul a sworn statement called “Non-impediment” that the man is free to marry. Any American, has to produce a criminal background check. Also, the criteria for obtaining a spousal visa are very strict. In the five years that we have been operating the site, we have not received a single complaint from any married couple.
You are totally misinterpreting our client guarantee. This refers to email, broken links and payment problems and has nothing to do with the girls. Do you really believe that we will provide some young girl for 10 British pounds and for this we will guarantee that he will have no problems with her and she will be his slave forever…DUMMY! I could easily get 10,000 pounds for this!
Now Maureen, (isn’t that a girl’s name?) who claims that he? was “speechless” (and should have remained that way)! You? are suggesting that Yuyun tries to kill me. Inciting murder is, I believe, a criminal act and also contrary to Islam so Maureen is not a person to criticize others! Where on our webpage does it mention sex before marriage? As a matter of fact it specifically states that most Indonesians remain virgins until marriage. Would you like to make the accusation that I am a sexual predator official, so that I can file a lawsuit against you? Please let me have it in writing. According to you, Yuyun will soon not want to be seen with me in public. Well, it’s been over four years now and we go everywhere together and you know what? …she doesn’t walk three paces behind me… her arms are not long enough. You see she still likes to hold my hand wherever we go. I should also tell you that her whole family is very happy with our relationship. Her father who was a really nice person died last year and her mother, who is disabled lives with us.
So YOUR meeting and marriage was fate but my wife was “stooping low.”
I will pass on your comments calling all our clients “Deviant” to them. I’ve no doubt that you know them all personally in order to make this accusation! Got a good Lawyer?
Hello Sylvia. You seem like a nice person but I believe that you are misinformed. Nobody is being exploited. As mentioned before, everyone is investigated before taking an Indonesian girl to his homeland. Also, in the UK at least, you cannot beat up your wife like here in Indonesia or you would be arrested and sent to prison. If someone from the UK wishes to take his wife there, he would have to assure the authorities that he is in a position to care for her.
Our latest marriage was a 33 year old single, Indonesian girl who stood very little chance of getting married here… We just received a thank you email from a guy who married a girl who already had two sons…she also would probably never have remarried here.
The piece in the Jakarta Post made a point out of the age difference between Yuyun and I. Yes, it IS extreme and even I expressed doubts at the time. However, we really did love each other and the last four years has shown that we made the right choice. Because of the way the article was written, some people assumed that we were specifically matching old men with young girls. This is not the case and none of the marriages we have arranged, have anything approaching the age difference that we have. I was talking to Duncan about Yuyun and myself, not about the webpage. Many of the couples by the way, decide to remain living here in Indonesia.
Now to the blogger Me. So you are complaining about the word “Purchase.” …Like we are selling girls. Have you ever checked any of the thousands of introduction services (including some featuring Indonesians) on the web? ALL of them sell contact information like we do. Do you REALLY think that they are ALL selling girls…and men? …BODOH! Maybe you believe that YOU are only worth 10 British pounds (about 180,000 Rupiah) but let me know where I can buy a few nice girls at this price and maybe I’ll start a harem! You will be “shocked” to hear that Empat Mata invited us back a second time, due to many requests from Indonesian girls who wished to appear on the webpage and marry Bules so we must be doing SOMETHING right! I don’t know where you got the information that Yuyun does not speak English but I bet she speaks it better than you do…with a Sheffield accent! If you believe that OUR marriage is fake, I suggest you pay us a visit.
So that’s all I have to say. If you would all put your brains in gear before operating your mouths, you may arrive at the truth!
Here is a final word from Yuyun:
Before I met Sheldon, I was not naïve. I had had several Indonesian boyfriends including a rich businessman who offered me a house, car etc if I would be his second wife. Although I was 20 at the time and the villagers were asking why I was not married yet, I had not met anyone that I could really give my heart to. I was impressed that Sheldon was polite, intelligent and so funny that we spent most of our time together laughing. After four years, we understand each other so well that we are in complete harmony. I am impressed with his knowledge, calling him Mr Fixit. Whether it’s the car, motorbike, TV, plumbing or electrical system that needs attention, he’ll take care of it or invent something that will work. Even now it is like we are still on our honeymoon (which we didn’t have due to lack of funds)  He is so attentive and considerate. I cannot make a meal for him without him kissing me and thanking me…he never takes me for granted. Every day we say how much we love each other and he is always telling me that he is lucky to have me. Believe me, he was somewhat of a playboy during his life but now he has not the slightest interest in any other woman. It was because of the above that I suggested that I start a webpage as my girlsfriends were asking me to find someone like him for them.
Sheldon doesn’t think that I have a bad temper (I don’t with him) but come here to Probolinggo and let me hear you say those nasty things about him that are written in this blog and you will find out!
All in all, you should be so lucky to have a relationship that WE have…Goodbye!

KomaToast said...

Well said Sheldon.

You're a lucky man.

Yuyun has blossomed into a beautiful woman.

Where would the two of you be today if you hadn't found each other?

Scary thought huh.


Fishermann said...

I am glad to see your post. It is a shame that when someone can post without responsibility that they can give thier opinion that is based upon nothing but speculation---it is easy to judge and think theworst. I'll bet that not one person that made negative post made any attempt to contact you and obtain any direct info......they simply took info from your siteand thought the worst. Hope to see you and Yuyun soon.

Abra M said...

Disgusting ideas about women expressed by Sheldon AND Yuyun, and their pimping business. I don't actually care what you two do with each other-- fuck each other's brains out all day every day, it makes no difference to me. But to imply that a woman who has her own career, money, priorities other than her husband is somehow unfeminine or less than? Fuck you.

Unknown said...


F McAneney said...

I have only read a few of the above comments but they are very mis directed.

I spent time in Probolingo with both Yuyen and Sheldon and there idea to match bule and Indonesian women wanting to marry is sound.

They are a delight to be around and each case must be viewed individually. None of the above comments negating Yuyen and Sheldon service can be taken seriously.