The shape of the world a generation from now will be influenced far more by how we communicate the values of our society to others than by military or diplomatic superiority. William Fulbright, 1964

Friday, July 22, 2005


Books by Duncan Graham

THE PEOPLE NEXT DOOR: Understanding Indonesia
Published by University of Western Australia Press

How should Australians react to the world’s most populous Muslim nation? In this book Walkley-award winning journalist Duncan Graham crosses the cultural divide to probe the way Indonesians live, work and interact. The tales he unearths from city slum-dwellers, shopkeepers, beleaguered householders, teachers, writers, political malcontents and many others are funny and sad, incisively revealing and refreshingly accessible.

‘The People Next Door is a book that will open eyes. Its insights into the lives of ordinary Indonesians, their beliefs and aspirations, will give business people and many others a deeper understanding of a complex society. The reward will be a richer bonding with a vibrant northern neighbour.’
Janet Holmes a Court AO, former Pro Chancellor the University of western Australia.

‘Duncan Graham writes with a deep knowledge drawn from his personal experiences about the complexities inherent in Indonesian, especially Javanese, culture and society. As he concludes, the Indonesian way is not our way but it is worthy of our study, respect and understanding.’
Richard Woolcott AC, Founding Director of the Asia Society and former Ambassador to Indonesia.

Available: By post (postage included): AUD 35. In Indonesia Rp 270,000. Order

Published by Wordstars P/L

Are you game enough to buy and sell in South-East Asia’s biggest market? If you’re an Australian or other Westerner who has ever thought of investing in Indonesia then this is your book.
And if you’re an Indonesian keen to test your business skills with Westerners and want to know how they think, then this is your book too.
Doing Business Next Door is not for the faint hearted. Only those with a robust sense of adventure and a desire for success will see the huge opportunities that Indonesia presents to women and men with the courage to venture beyond their comfort zone.

Available: By post (postage included): AUD 25. In Indonesia Rp 180,000.

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